S.R.S Inc. has the ability to globally identify key talent for our client organizations.  A strong
foundation is essential to the success of any business and S.R.S Inc. has surrounded itself with
professionals who capitalize on their strengths and rely on the experience of others for direction.
 The firm is staffed with highly trained search professionals specializing in the insurance industry.  
We believe that our understanding of client's needs enables our consultants to focus their
recruitment activities where appropriate.  Developing long-term relationships and being
adaptable to the continually changing needs of the professional marketplace is the goal of our
S.R.S Inc. is committed to providing quality service to our clients.  We pride ourselves on
developing and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships and believe that our people are our
most important asset.  We are dedicated to performing with integrity and honesty in all our
ventures and will perform in ways, which will create value for our clients and candidates.  We
strive to provide the highest quality executive search services and to deliver superior executive
talent to our client companies through a systematic executive search process, based on thorough
industry knowledge and understanding of the client's company culture and competitors.  We
promise to adhere to the ethics of our practice and are committed to achieving the best results
possible on behalf of our clients.
Insurance Industry
Professional Recruitment & Career Management Consultants
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 460, Philadelphia, PA. 19102
Telephone: 800-539-5299 Local: 215-545-7400 Fax: 215-545-7401
S.R.S Inc. provides a broad range of recruitment services for the INSURANCE industry.  
Our client base includes a variety of National and Regional Carriers and Retail Brokers  with
unlimited coverage. We pride ourselves on “Finding the Un-findable”  
There isn’t a highway to success
There are only side streets and dead ends
The way you navigate around these pathways and obstructions
Will determine the value of the individual you truly are

My mission is to help navigate individuals to reach their ultimate goals
Charles J. Castaldo
215-545-4445 direct